TAKE up your sword and gain an Equity-recognised combat qualification in Theatrical Broadsword at a class organised by the Shoebox Theatre, in Swindon.

The sword-fighting style, inspired by the knights of old and the legendary Samurai, will be taught in a ten-week exam course in theatrical broadsword fighting, in association with the Academy of Performance Combat.

The course will be taught by experienced teacher and RSC associate practitioner Tom Jordan, and students will learn the basics of a generalised broadsword combat system, learn a choreographed fight, add the words and then perform it in front of an external examiner.

Passing the exams will give you a qualification at Basic level, which will boost your acting credentials.

Classes take places on Wednesday evenings, 7pm to 9pm, January 24 to March 28, costing £135 for the ten-week course, including the exam. The course is suitable for ages 18 plus and to book, visit shoeboxtheatre.org.uk.