An interactive and chalky family show exploring friendship and emotions will take place at Swindon Dance, Regent Street, on Friday at 4.45pm.

The magical adventure is called the Chit Chat Chalk Show and is about a confused young girl called Kiko and her struggle to understand the strange new world she lives in.

With her new friends, she embarks on a quest to discover the mixture of colours and emotions that make her unique.

Sitting among the set and performers, children in the audience play an essential part in helping Kiko on her journey.

Hawk Dance Theatre is a UK-based dance company that creates, explores and inspires audiences by offering work that is engaging and accessible. Directed by Josh Hawkins, the company aims to create visually dynamic and powerful productions. Its mission is to create exciting, provoking and, most of all, inspiring work that can connect with audiences from all backgrounds, nationally and internationally.

Using colour, pictures, dance, music and magical lighting, the dancers help the audience experience a voyage through love, jealousy, sadness, fear, anger and happiness

Suitable for adults and children aged three to eight, this interactive show could get a little bit chalky, so appropriate clothing should be worn.