Even by recent standards, this week is a treasure trove of opportunities for fans of live music. So I will dispense with the usual Corbett-esque (that’s Ronnie, not Matthew!) rambling introduction and get straight down to business.

The first Thursday of the month can mean only one thing – Songs of Praise at The Victoria. Tonight it all takes a bit of a gentler, acoustic-driven tack, with the folk-meets-roots Americana sounds of Bateleurs headlining the night, emotive ballads from Billyjon (good to see him treading the boards again) and the cinematic, dynamic folkestral weaves of Oxfordshire’s Kubris.

Acoustic competition comes from the haunting and powerful musical evocations of Cindy Stratton at The Beehive, tonight joined by Marius Frank.

Baker Street plays host to the seemingly ubiquitous Gaz Brookfield and his agit-folk creations; songs shot through with humanity, humour and possibly something else beginning with H, just to finish off the alliteration.

At the 12 Bar (you remember the 12 Bar, don’t you?) is the launch party for Distinkt Tattoos, featuring not only old school rock and roll, courtesy of Josie and The Outlaw, but Burlesque dancers, a raffle. It’s all in the name of charity.

Friday sees bone fide music icons hit town. The Beat were stalwarts of the Two-Tone revival of the early 1980s and their heady mix of soul, reggae, pop and punk were the soundtrack of a disenfranchised youth movement; relive those dark, dance-fuelled days at The Victoria.

A wonderful double header takes place at The 12 Bar with Also Eden, a band that not only hark back to the neo-progressive movement of the early 1980s (Marillion, IQ, Twelfth Night) but who are probably the only band to write concept albums whose spring board are the words of Benjamin Franklin (no relation… though I did once have a dog called Benji!) With them are Leatherat, a band who revel in punked up and rocked out folk music; no Arran sweaters or finger in the ear vocal here – this is folk with attitude, that hasn’t slept for three days, is high on industrial strength cider and bears a passing resemblance to a certain dishevelled Brighton band beginning with the same letter, whom I won’t name as I’m sure they are sick of hearing it.

More noise at The Furnace from the aptly named Racket, who are currently pushing the rather splendid Ladder Factory Sessions EP (get one while you can, it’s ace). There’s also the off-kilter, quantum pop (there is that phrase again) of Super Squarecloud and the violin tinged, heavy rock of SkyBurnsRed, who have also just released a brilliant EP.

Saturday is the big one, so hold on…I’m going in. Those purveyors of infectious, punk-souled, indie pop, Nudy Bronque, celebrate the last night of their recent tour on home ground – Riffs Bar, to be exact. Joining them is Super Squarecloud (again!) The Me!Me!Me’s? and The Fixed.

The Beehive is the scene for a riot of roots-rock, country and Celtic from party animals State Of Undress.

Celebrating 50 years in music, session player to the stars and Heads, Hands and Feet head honcho, Albert Lee, joins long time collaborators, Hogan’s Heroes, at the Arts Centre.

To some it may seem like Dodging The Bullet have been away for ages, though if you listen carefully I swear you can still hear the final notes of their last gig fading from the airwaves. However, if classic rock covers are your thing, there is no better place to be than at The Furnace for this “reunion” gig.

More laid back options come from the skiffle-tastic Ode And The Be-Bops at The Rolleston and another outing for Bateleurs at The Castle, but fans of old school sleaze-rock might want to catch The Dirt at The Victoria, a tribute to the glam and debauchery of Motley Crue.

It’s blues for the afternoon session at The Beehive with Built For Comfort and the evening sees two big names hove into view. At the Wyvern Theatre it’s the legend that is Joe Brown and, at Steam Museum, Bellowhead will be joined by Super Strings for a performance based on the life of Alfred Williams followed by the usual folk-cabaret mayhem of their regular set.

Final shout of the week goes to The Running Horse; this Tuesday’s session featuring Ali Finneran and Ells Ponting.

Can I stop writing now...?