THE mother of singing sensation Jahmene Douglas has set up a charity page after it was revealed that she had been a victim of domestic abuse.

The 21-year-old singing sensation revealed in The Sun on Saturday how he, his two brothers and sister lived in fear of their father Eustace, who was jailed for an attack involving a blowtorch on his mother Mandy in 2002.

Now she has set up a charity page to raise money for Women’s Aid, a national charity working to end domestic violence against women and children.

Mandy has dedicated the page to her son Daniel, who took his own life after the pressure of living in a climate of fear became too much.

On the page Mandy has written: “I am raising awareness on the fact that Women’s Aid need funding.

“Refuges need funding. Children need help. Cutbacks have caused an uneasy ripple of monotony of unnecessary heartaches.

“We can’t change the past but we can change the future. “I have cried a river of tears, but I refuse to drown.

“I shall not rest until our voices are heard and the changes are made.

“Dedication to my son Daniel, in our hearts always.”

Jahmene struggled to hide his emotions on Saturday night as he performed live just hours after the revelations came out, but said he was relieved that people could now see why he was the way he was.

Speaking in The Sun he said: “Every day I thought, ‘I’m going to die today.’ It was just torture. It would turn my stomach every time I saw my father. I was living in fear.

“He would flip over anything – you didn’t lie, you didn’t swear, you didn’t put a foot out of place. But he’d always find something.

“Then you’d never know what he would do. There was a spectrum of things: Hitting you with a belt or a spatula, beating or strangling you.”

Describing the attack on his mother, Jahmene said: “It was one of the worst nights ever. I woke up thinking, ‘is she still alive?’ He used a blowtorch to brand her, used knives on her, dragged her through the hallway by her hair. He threatened to kill all of us in front of her.

“When the police came, I couldn’t even recognise her face. I was used to seeing her being beaten and having bruises, but this time she had hair missing, burn marks and her eyes were all puffed out, black and glazed over.

“I just hugged her. I couldn’t say anything. I never did say anything in the house.

“The thing that stays with you is hearing your mother scream and not being able to do anything.”

Mandy is hoping to raise £5,000 for the charity and has already raised more than £200 in just three days. People can donate mandy-thomas/info.