Residents of a street in Purton are without a phone line after vandals ripped up cables.

Yobs left 14 homes in Reid’s Piece without telephone lines on Halloween.

The youths are believed to have damaged a small cable with 14 lines coming off of it.

BT were out yesterday and Thursday trying to fix the problem but workmen said they needed to wait to get an elevating platform to the site.

Residents are angry about he incident and many elderly residents who don’t own mobile are phones without a telephone.

Nicky Watkins, who lives in the street, said: “All of the street have been left without telephones.

“This has been by people I can only describe as yobs, who have pulled the cable out of the ground.

“BT have been out to try and fix the problem but because there is a red sticker on the telephone pole the engineer needs to wait for a cherry picker before he can carry out the work.

“The engineer has said that whoever did this is lucky that they were not hurt.

“There are a lot of elderly residents who are in need of care on this street and not having a phone if they are in trouble is a worry.

“I don’t have a mobile phone so I am completely cut off and have had to go across the road to use a neighbour’s phone.

“Halloween is supposed to be a fun night for the kids and it is not nice that they have gone and done something like this.”

it is not yet known when the street will have it’s telephone lines restored.

A spokesman for BT said: “Openreach is working to restore service to up to 14 customers in Reid’s Piece following damage caused by youths who vandalised an armoured cable attached to a telephone pole.

“The damaged wires have been made safe and engineers will be on site today to complete the repair.

“Because of the nature of the pole an elevating platform is required for safety reasons in order to do this work.”