TWO boys aged just 11 and 12 have been forced to write grovelling apologies to another youngster they shot with a BB gun.

A group of youths were reportedly firing at passers-by as well as other targets in broad daylight at St Marks Recreation Gorund, in Gorse Hill, and after an appeal in the Adver the pair, who have not been named, were identified as the main culprits.

Two of the vicitms who were shot at did not want to press charges, while the 12-year-old boy they hit with several pellets from the orange plastic gun was willing to accept an apology and did not want the youths arrested.

Community beat manager PC Stacey McGarry said a local resolution was a way of dealing with a low-level incident without criminalising the youngsters.

The 11-year-old culprit said in his letter: “I am very sorry for behaving like that and shooting you with that bb gun. It will never happen again. And I have realised that I could of (sic) badly hurt you so I am sorry, plus my mum has grounded me for two weeks and I missed out on Halloween. I am sorry and I hope you can forgive me.”

PC McGarry said: “The letters of apology were very much the wishes of the victim, who did not want the two lads to be arrested and put in custody.

“Also these two had never come to police attention before so now we are aware of them and their details will be on the anti-social behaviour database, meaning if they do something again they could face more serious action.

“We did have several reports of shootings going on in the park at about 2pm on September 30 by a group of youths but when we arrived on the scene they had gone.

“Through some further enquiries and an appeal in the paper we managed to identify the two boys who had been shooting at people.

“No-one had visible injuries and the gun was reportedly flourescent orange so it was not realistic but we will still deal with anything like this as a serious incident.

“We spoke to the parents of the boys, who were shocked at their actions and were very supportive of the resolution, and the 11-year-old in particular was very sincere in his apology after being grounded and missing Halloween.”

PC McGarry also urged residents to report issues of anti-social behaviour to police at the time.

“If you come across any similar incidents please report them to us so we can take appropriate action,” she said.

Anyone with any information on anti-social behaviour should contact Witshire Police on 101.