This week, it’s the turn of Terry Bell, 58, chef at the Campanile hotel, Westlea. Tel: 01793 514777

When did you first take an interest in cooking, and when did you decide you wanted to become a chef?

I decided what I wanted to do before leaving school, after watching my mother cook.

Where did you do your training?

Norfolk college of arts and technology in Kings Lynn.

How would you describe the style of food served in your restaurant?

A mix of French and English.

Do you have a signature dish? If so, what?

Steak and ale pie.

What would you order from your own menu?

Beef and kidney pudding.

Your favourite vegetable, and why?

Mashed swede with butter and black pepper. I find swede underated.

And your favourite dessert?

Bread and butter pudding.

Do you cook a lot at home? What sort of food?

Yes, I do all the cooking at home. What I cook depends on my wife’s diet.

Where else locally do you like to eat?

Anywhere Chinese or Indian.

Why should people go to the Campanile Hotel?

Because we offer freshly cooked food in a relaxing setting.