More than 20 Special Constables will be presented with medals and certificates at the annual Wiltshire Police Special Constabulary awards ceremony on Saturday.

Guests of honour will include the Deputy Lord Lieutenant, Richard Handover, the Under Sheriff, Lady Sarah Gooch and the chairman of the Swindon Magistrates’ Bench, Martyn Cook.

Certificates of independent patrol will be awarded by the Chief Constable, Patrick Geenty, to 10 officers who have demonstrated their capability in more than 30 areas of policing within their first two years training.

Among them are Swindon-based volunteers Martyn Ainsworth, 23, and Stuart Parker, 35, who have both served with the constabulary for three years.

Father-of-one Martyn, who works as a deputy supervisor at Dyson in his regular job, said: “It’s great to be recognised because we all put so much in to getting through the training.

“I got into it because I wanted to join the regular force and someone mentioned the specials.

“I had never heard of them but I gave it a go and I’m hoping it will be a stepping stone.

“We get to deal with all sorts, such as domestic incidents, violence and unfortunately even someone who has passed away suddenly.

We also look at resolving issues in the community we live in so it’s great.”

CCTV operator Stuart, a father of three, said: “It’s such a varied job and is rewarding.”

Wiltshire Police is continuing to recruit Special Constables. Contact Andy Phillimore in Human Resources by calling 101, followed by extension 720 2314 or visit