A DERELICT eyesore in the centre of Wroughton could soon be demolished and replaced with houses.

A planning application has been submitted to Swindon Council for permission to knock down the Three Tuns, an Arkells Brewery-owned pub, which has been boarded up for two years. If given the go ahead, the site at the junction of Moormead Road and Devizes Road, could see 11 homes built, along with 22 car parking spaces.

In a design and access statement submitted alongside the application, it states that the applicant, Barry Russell, had considered the possibility of retaining the building and converting to residential use, but due to its internal configuration, the building was not deemed suitable. A spokesperson for the application said: “The existing building has not been in use as a public house for two years and there is no realistic current demand for an alternative commercial use of the building.

“The demolition and the re-use of the site will assist the council in achieving a five year supply of deliverable housing land.

“The application scheme is well designed and appropriate for the site. Its implementation will secure significant improvements to the appearance of the site in general and will enhance the vitality of the area.”

Several residents have expressed their concerns about planned access to the site, which they say will further contribute to congestion.

Resident Toni Harper said: “The plans look good in theory but it is going to cause chaos while building is done, plus I find it dangerous enough trying to cross the road without there being another turning.

“Also it will be a nightmare for people trying to turn in from the roundabout at rush hour.”

John Gregory, who lives in Moormead Road, said: “It’s 11 houses – 22 cars – so probably no more traffic than when The Three Tuns was in its heyday.

“I don’t think it looks too bad – certainly better than The Three Tuns does currently.”

To view the proposals visit www.swindon.gov.uk.