FOR the first time this year, Swindon is bringing the Big Dig to your doorstep.

Across the country, more than 200 growing sites are throwing open their gates and asking people to come out and dig.

Locally, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust is organising the Big Dig in Swindon as part of its Food Champions project and is asking residents to do their part to make a national project into a local success.

The Trust’s Food Champion, Sara Cundy, said: “It’s really exciting to be participating in the Big Dig this year.

“The idea is to get people out in their local area to come out and get their hands dirty by volunteering at their community food growing site to get it into shape for the coming growing season.”

Paul Dixon, of Queens Park Secret Garden, said: “I am delighted to be participating in the national Big Dig project. It’s a great way of getting people involved in their local growing site and encouraging people to learn more about growing their own.

“In this economic environment, it makes sense to grow your own and volunteering will help people learn and become enthusiastic about trying it for themselves.”

Another growing site is at Lower Shaw Farm.

The official Big Dig day is on Saturday, but all through the this week people will find local opportunities to get out and dig for their community growing sites.

For those who can’t dig, there are still plenty of opportunities to help out, by providing refreshments for the diggers or helping to run children’s activities.

For more information visit The+Big+Dig.htm