Residents say Swindon Council’s plans to build a skate park on open space in West Swindon will increase noise and crime.

The parks department has applied for planning permission to create a concrete skate park at Saltway Field, Middleaze.

The council has earmarked £60,000 for the project on the former Saltway Primary School field.

Swindon Council says the facility has the backing of ward councillors and the skating community, and would provide a valuable addition to an area which is already popular with young people who use the existing play area and multi-use games area at the site.

However, nearly 30 residents, including those in nearby Spencer Close, have objected, claiming the park would create noise and crime.

They say it could be used 24/7 as there are no plans to secure the site.

Ashley Jones, 60, a great-grandfather and coach driver, who has lived in the road for 16 years, said: “There’s a historical situation with the two skate parks that exist in Swindon. We have got statements from two different sets of people stating clearly that they’re abused.”

Pete Corrie, 49, a father-of-two and professional executive, who has also lived in the road for 16 years, said: “We were promised it would be 200 yards from houses but it is just 43 yards from homes.

“It’s directly under street lights so it’s going to be available 24 hours a day and it’s tucked away out of view, which means you don’t know what people are doing down there.”

Mr Corrie said he had made an official complaint against Coun Nick Martin (Con, Shaw), accusing him of a bullying attitude towards them and describing their views as trivial – something Coun Martin denies.

They are also upset because a Conservative newsletter publicising a public meeting at which the plans were discussed arrived some days after the meeting on March 11.

Coun Martin said he was not able to leaflet beforehand in that street due to bronchitis.

He said: “I doubt if there would any disturbance, and the basketball court was put in two years ago and up to now nobody has complained.”

He said the homes in Spencer Close were 200 yards away by foot, and the noise would be reduced by a 15ft thick hedge, a 6ft fence and the busy Tewkesbury Way.

In the application, the Council says the visual and noise impact would be minimised by siting it near the multi-use games area as far away from the houses in Pearl Road as possible.