SINGER Josh Kumra is hoping to have the answer as he aims to break into the charts on two fronts.

The 21-year-old, from Pinehurst, released his third solo single The Answer today ahead of his debut album launch next week.

Josh is currently touring in Europe and performing new tracks which will feature on his album Good Things Come To Those Who Don’t Wait which will be released on Monday.

The former Headlands School pupil released his debut solo track Helicopters And Planes in July and followed that up with Waiting For You in January, but neither have broken into the top 40 of the charts.

Josh is hoping that will change with The Answer, which is now available to download on iTunes.

His debut album features songwriting and production collaboration with some big names including Emeli Sandé and Mr Hudson.

Speaking about the 11-track album, he said: “We didn’t have a brief, we just did what we wanted.

“You can expect a mixed bag of things from the album.

“We had total freedom to mix up soul, blues and gospel songwriting, sometimes with big hip hop beats.

“But there is no production for the sake of it, and ultimately it comes down to me, the bedroom singer-songwriter with a guitar in my hand.

“That’s what I wanted to come across.

“I worked with an artist called Think who produced half the album, so half of it has that soul roots kind of vibe that I used to have in my bedroom.

“Then Mr Hudson produced the second half, so you have that electronic, a bit more pumpy, upbeat modern kind of thing.

“So it is a mix of the both really, and it is all just a big mixture, there are blues influences, soul influences, everything.

“The album is about my journey, which might sound clichéd, but it’s true.

“The songs are about me, but also about things I have observed. They’re love songs mainly.”

Josh is not sure how his first album, a mixture of soul and blues, will be received but said he would be happy if it touched one person.

“Until somebody says I love your album, I mean that could do it for me,” he said.

“If somebody says your album made me cry, in a good way, that could be it.

“With every piece of music I do, I just wish that it outlives me, so if I make an album and people listen to it in 10 or 20 years’ time like I do with a Tracey Chapman album then I am happy.”

To download ‘The Answer’ or pre-order the album, go to iTunes or visit Josh’s website