CYCLISTS now have a variety of routes to take thanks to the efforts of a local cycling group.

Signs have been put up at locations around the town with the aim of providing clear routes for bike riders.

In total there are now three routes in the town, each about seven miles long. There is also a larger 17 mile circuit which circles the whole of Swindon.

“Cycling is very popular in Swindon now,” said Lewis Lawton, the chairman of Swindon Bicycle Users Group, which was behind the decision to put up the signs. More and more people are taking it up, especially following the success of the Olympics.

“These signs cover some fantastic routes and provide a really good choice for people. They can also just as easily be used by walkers and runners.”

The routes are in Haydon Wick, Dorcan and West Swindon. They are circular and can be joined at any point.

Lewis said: “We actually designed the routes back in 2009 and they have been available for cyclists to use ever since. The feedback we got was that while the routes were great, they were quite hard to follow with just a map.

“Now the new signs are up it is much easier to get around the circuit. People no longer need to keep stopping to check a map. They make the correct route very clear.”

Swindon Travel Choices, a council project with the aim altering people’s travel habits, has funded the signs. There are 600 signs in total that have been designed by healthy lifestyle charity, Sustrans, and were put up by volunteers from BUG.

“The council have been really supportive in improving cycling in Swindon and got behind the routes,” said Lewis. “Everyone knows the benefits to cycling, such as conservation and reducing the number of cars on the road, and with these signs things will only get better.”

The routes are available at