CAMPAIGNERS in Stratton are fed up waiting to be given a piece of land to build a War Memorial marking the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

For years Stratton St Margaret Parish Council has been trying to secure a small patch of land at the corner of Ermin Street and Grange Drive, on which to put up and dedicate a war memorial in time for August 4, 2014, 100 years after the start of the First World War.

Coun John Foley (St Philips), chairman of Stratton St Margaret Parish Council, said: “All we are doing is waiting for a piece of land to get planning permission to put the memorial up.

“We are frustrated because we can’t do anything until they pass it over to us. There is no point spending the money getting it made if we haven’t got the land to put it on.

“We just wish the borough council would speed up their efforts to get it signed off.

“It’s just bureaucracy, I think, and I’m being kind because there’s no reason why they can’t sign it off.”

Despite having two memorials in Stratton – one in St Margaret’s Church and the other outside the Stratton St Margaret Royal British Legion in St Philips Road – in 2011 residents approached the parish council for a central memorial to mark the centenary.

“It will feature the names of all those villagers who have died for their country since the start of the Great War.

Mr Foley said: “The Royal British Legion are in favour and so is our patron, James Arkell.

“If we put it on that patch of land it means that the roads won’t get blocked up and there’d be no obstruction of the traffic on Remem-brance Day. We want it erected and dedicated before August 4, 2014.”

Plans are being drawn up for the structure following design suggestions by children in April. The parish council has chosen three and is now finding a stone mason.

Councillor Richard Hurley, cabinet member for public protection, housing and StreetSmart, said: “We are keen to work with parish councils and pass on, where appropriate, land and assets which it makes sense for them to be responsible for and look after.

“We have been liaising with the parish council about the war memorial land, a proposal which we fully support, and it is one of the sites included in a transfer of assets.”

Council leader David Renard said: “We have agreed to transfer the land requested for the memorial site and we are in discussions with the parish council to obtain some final details so this can be achieved.”