FAREPAK victims in Swindon are angry that the company's directors have yet to explain where their money went, despite a new documentary on the collapse.

Last night's Real Story with Fiona Bruce focused on the victims of the Swindon hamper firm.

Called The Company that Stole Christmas, it showed the lives of families faced with a meagre festive season after losing out in the Swindon-based firm's collapse.

Vicky Turner, of Frobisher Drive, featured in the BBC One show.

Housewife Vicky told the Adver: "I really hope the bosses of Farepak were watching.

"The directors need to see what has happened to all the people who have been affected and explain everything.

"I blame Farepak for everything, not HBOS.

"If they were living on their overdraft, then the bank would obviously want their money back first."

Vicky said she struggled to find bargains for her son Shaun's birthday last month and would buy presents for daughter Shannon's birthday on New Year's Eve using credit.

Marita Skinner, of Livington, who lost £860, said: "There are still a lot of questions to be answered.

"The bosses have managed to keep tight-lipped until now, and I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to squirm out of it completely. But people want more answers than we are getting."

Agent Georgina Barrett, of Cunningham Road, who lost £6,500 of her friends' and family's money, said she would not be satisfied until the bosses spoke up.

Georgina, 49, said: "All I would like to see is the directors telling us what happened.

"The agents will still have to dish out the money paid back. We haven't been paid any commission and it will be more work for us. I don't mind doing it, but not only did I lose the money I saved, but I was working and haven't been paid for that work."

Laura Telling, 48, of Lime Kiln, Wootton Bassett, said: "I would have thought they would at least have the courtesy to have someone there to explain.

"They can't just brush it under the carpet.

"People want answers to know where the £40m they made has gone.

"I wouldn't mind a letter explaining where the money went, even if I get nothing back."

Documentary makers spoke to some savers who made payments on the day the firm when bust.

Administrators for the collapsed company have promised that payments made after October 13 would be returned in full, but it would not happen before Christmas.

The Farepak Response Fund closed last week, having received £6.4m in donations from businesses and members of the public. People who lost out are expected to receive a goodwill payment by December 18.

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