WHEN ex-England and Spurs defender Ledley King was spotted wandering around in Old Town, many could have been fooled into thinking he was Town’s latest signing.

But King, now an ambassador for the north London club since retiring in 2012, was actually in town to present former Swindon Town footballer Terry Wollen with a signed shirt on his 70th birthday.

Terry, a grandfather of two who made 96 appearances for the Robin’s in the early 60s, is a member of the Spurs Supporters’ Club in Swindon, who he believes organised the surprise.

“I was just sat at my desk and I saw this face come over the top of the filing cabinet – I thought “hold on, I know that face”,” Terry, a mail administrator at Outside Clinic, said.

“It was a tremendous shock to see Ledley there, especially at work. I admired him in his playing days and he is a great ambassador for the club now.

“Of course I’m a Swindon man but I‘ve always had a leaning towards Tottenham over the years and when the supporters’ club formed I actually helped with the initiation in 2003.

“They obviously set this up. It was my birthday last week and I was away so to come back to work and have this was a pleasant surprise.

“They did say congratulations on my birthday last week and that this was the furthest they had come out so I’m very lucky.

“He signed the shirt and presented it to me so that will get pride of place. My son has come with me to Tottenham in the past so I will tell him all about it when I see him just to rub it in a bit.”

Terry, a right back in his own playing days, shared a joke or two with King and even asked him about the future of Spurs star Gareth Bale, but the 32-year-old would not give anything away.

He said: “He was tremendous and has adapted to the ambassadorial role really well. I think it suits him.

“I also spoke to him about his injuries because I retired through injury after breaking my leg in 1962. He said he can play the game but he cannot train.”