A REQUEST has been made for an army of volunteers to help run a new community building.

The Christ Church Community Centre, in Old Town, is approaching the final stages of construction and developers are hoping it will be open at the end of October.

They are now looking for volunteers in a host of roles to help run the centre and ensure it becomes something for the whole town to benefit from.

“There are four different roles we are looking for,” said Chris Smith, 32, who is the recently appointed community centre development manager.

“So far the response we have had from people has been really good and we have already started putting together a list of people.

“There is no upper limit to the number of people we want so the more the merrier.”

The roles of volunteers needed varies from people who can clean the new building to those who are prepared to sit on an event-organising committee.

Chris said: “There is lots to do so we need plenty of people to meet and greet customers, answer the phone, take messages and make the centre a really welcoming environment.

“It is important to provide a welcoming centre to all people of the community.

“The people who organise the events side of the centre will play an important role in making sure enough money is made so the centre is sustainable.”

Chris is also looking for a group of people who can be key holders and ensure the building will be secure. The centre is due to be open from 9am-11pm every day.

He said: “We have found several volunteers through parish letters and I’ve spoken with a few people who are interested, so its looking positive but we certainly need more.”

The finishing touches are being put to the building, where work began earlier this year. Electricians have arrived to install the first wiring and work is being carried out on the internal walls.

Chris said: “I’m really looking forward to finally getting the centre open. The work has gone all to plan and on schedule.

“When it opens we’re hoping it will be a central hub for people in Old Town as well as Swindon as a whole.”

To volunteer to work at the community centre, email chris.smith@ccccswindon.co.uk or call 07582 305760.