THE first stage of housing developments around Ridgeway Farm have suffered another setback after Network Rail reissued its objection to the plans.

The announcement comes just days after Thames Water, who had removed part of their own holding objection to the development, reinstated it in full on September 6.

On July 8 Network Rail wrote to submit their holding objection, and have reissued it in a letter dated September 17.

Their main concern is the depth of an attenuation basin, which is designed to hold rain water run-off during storms.

Network Rail object to the fact there have been no details submitted regarding the basin, and the company want to ensure it will not be within 20m of the nearby railway line or would be used as a soakaway, which would destabilise the ground around the track.

Meanwhile, Thames Water have blamed the withdrawal of part of their objection on July 22 on human error within their department which caused the confusion.

A spokesman for Thames Water said: “We’ve looked into this case and found that our response in July stating that there were no issues with clean water supply was incorrect. “This was down to human error and we’re sorry for any confusion caused.

“However there are ways we can address the capacity problems and we will work with the developer to make sure the appropriate infrastructure is put in place.”

Shaw Resident’s Association, who have been following the developments closely, believe Wiltshire Council are close to making a decision on the plans, and with the weight of arguments against them in their current form, think there should be no option but to reject them.

In a statement on their website, chairman Kevin Fisher wrote: “We believe Wiltshire officers will be making a decision on the applications by the end of September.

“Given that Network Rail have objected, Thames Water have re-issued their objection stating there is insufficient capacity in both supply and waste, the number of planned parking bays is 21 per cent short of Wiltshire’s own guidelines with no documented evidence provided by Wiltshire to justify allowing this, and the spine road width was reduced in secret during a public inquiry, we wonder how Wiltshire can come to a decision other than outright rejection.”

A spokesman for Taylor Wimpey said: “We are working closely with the key stakeholders and consultees to address the comments that have been raised, and to ensure that they are resolved to enable Wiltshire Council to determine the application as it was submitted.”