Canadian roots singer/songwriter, Ben Sures, has made his way to British shores this autumn.

Winner of the John Lennon International Songwriting competition, Ben, will sing his own quirky and thought-provoking songs when he heads for Swindon next week.

Ben began playing guitar and writing songs when he was only 15 years old in his home town of Winninpeg. He is still a hidden gem as far the music industry giants are concered but for 20 years he has been plying his trade and winning over fans in Canada, Europe and even Beirut in the Lebanon.

He has worked with a number of bands including The Good Lovelies as well as performing solo and opening for luminaries such as Ray Davies from The Kinks.

The singer has six albums under his belt, the latest Gone To Bolivia made it into the Now Magazine’s top ten albums of the year in 2011. On the album there is a song called High School Steps written about Ray Davies and the nostalgia of rock ‘n’ roll idols.

Ben also writes about his own experiences and another track, Columbus Sailed Here, is about his time working on a cruise ship, and watching the poverty-stricken traders who besiege the ship every time it docks, hoping to sell their goods or even themselves or their children for a better life.

Ben will be singing his stories when he performs at The Beehive on Prospect Hill, Old Town, on Thursday, October 17, from 8.30pm at a free gig. For more details call 01793 523187. - Flicky Harrison