PUPILS got into the swing of it when they took time out from lessons to learn about bullying through the medium of dance.

Youngsters at Holy Rood Junior School were given a talk by Pat O’Driscoll, who runs a local Matt Fiddes martial arts school, about bullying and how to face up to it before his daughter Megan led a street dance session on Monday.

Staff at the school have been marking National Anti-bullying Week this week and brought Pat and Megan in to give the students a fresh perspective and to help them build teamwork.

Headteacher Tony McAteer said: “For National Anti-bullying Week we have been doing a number of things and it was great to have Pat and Megan come in.

“The students really enjoyed it and the street dance session helped them to work together and get along with each other.

“It helps raise their awareness of bullying and how to deal with it.

“We are going for the Anti-bullying quality mark this year and there is a range of criteria we have to meet.

“We have to show the staff are committed to stopping bullying and the governors are involved too.

“The students also have to be involved in the process and we have peer mentors who have done training with the Healthy Schools co-ordinator in Swindon so they can spot the signs and help singpost their peers in the right direction.”

Other events at the school this week included a visit from Sophie Thorne, from the charity Fixers, who showcased her short film about cyber-bullying.

And tomorrow students will be performing a rap composed by a teacher at an event at New College.

Mr McAteer said bullying was an important issue to raise at primary school level, even if it was more prevalent at secondary school level.

He said: “Bullying can really affect students, and while it is not a big issue here, we want to inspire the Christian values and ethos of looking after one another and working together.

“We know that it can stop them achieving and make them not want to come to school and so it is important our members of staff have a consistent approach and that the children are equipped to deal with it.”