RESIDENTS in Moredon Road turned litter pickers on Sunday in an effort to clear rubbish from the pavements.

Vanessa Purton, 43, a teaching assistant and yoga teacher of Moredon Road, led the way with support from nine other residents, PCSO Elroy Rodrigues and Coun Peter Watts (Lab, Rodbourne Cheney).

They walked the length of Moredon Road, picking up rubbish left on the pavement.

Vanessa said she had been inspired by a Panorama programme on keeping Britain tidy and wanted to do something like that in her own area.

Supported by Michelle Matthews, Swindon Council’s locality facilitator for the north central region, Vanessa used leaflets and posters to promote the event with backing from the council.

“The street was generally starting to look untidy,” she said. “But there wasn’t all that much litter around on the day.

“Usually we see a lot of litter from the fish and chip shop and Chinese takeaway, plus rubbish from people at the bus stops.

“I wanted to bring the community together to share responsibility for what’s going on here.”