FIVE schools from The White Horse Federation descended upon The Croft Primary School yesterday for a day of Harry Potter-themed science and wizardy fun. Eighty of the most talented scientists from Drove, Moredon, Mountford Manor, Rodbourne Cheney and Tregoze primary schools were invited along to Croft to the festival.

They had to bring along a class project which could then be demonstrated in front of other students and judged by Parth Patel, from Intel.

The festival also had a Harry Potter theme and each year group split into one of the houses at Potter’s fictional Hogwarts School.

The main learning area at Croft School was transformed into the Hogwarts Great Hall.

Croft’s own Key Stage One pupils were given the chance to take part in a series of science workshops in the afternoon, working alongside their older White Horse counterparts.

Liz Matthews, a community tutor based at the Moredon and Rodbourne Cheney schools, said: “The Croft children have the chance to work with big children for a change.

“This is a really great experience for them to see how older children work and also to see such science at their age.

“To see the older children’s projects working, makes a good display for all the other schools. Seeing each other’s work is a great way to learn.”

Erika Sylvester and Simone Marr, science co-ordinators at Tregoze and Moredon respectively, were responsible for organising the class projects judged at the festival.