RESIDENTS in South Marston trickled through the Mercure Hotel yesterday afternoon to view pre-application proposals to build more than 100 new homes.

Hartwell Plc is preparing a planning application to build 160 new homes on two sites in the village, and held a public exhibition in the hotel yesterday afternoon.

From 3pm to 8pm residents were able to view the plans to build on Crown Timber and on Thornhill, two brownfield sites which Swindon Council is quite keen to be made use of.

The parish council has few concerns with the proposals at this stage, and looks forward to working with the developers to ensure that the needs of existing and future residents are met.

Barry Thunder, a member for the South Marston parish council, said: “So far the developers have been happy to meet with us and work with us and the plans look fine.

“As long as we can work with them and can say to them that’s fine, have you thought about this, then this could work very positively for the village.”

The 1.9 hectare site at Crown Timber is to the north west of Thornhill Road, and is already owned by Hartwell Plc.

But the 4.2 hectare Thornhill site, to the south east of Thornhill Road, is still owned by various companies who Hartwell hope will release the land to them.

Residents can still ask questions and discuss the plans with the developers.

For more information or to share your views, call Walsingham Planning on 01628 532244.