The candidates for each ward in the upcoming local elections have been declared.

Twenty of all council seats are up, with the seat in 19 of the borough's 20 wards which won the lowest amount of votes a the all-out elections under threat.

The only ward without a seat available is Ridgeway.

The poll will take place on Thursday, May 22 between 7am and 10pm.

The candidates, in alphabetical order, are as follows:

Blunsdon & Highworth

  • Phil Beaumont, Labour
  • Andrew Day, Green Party
  • Clive Hooper, Liberal Democrats
  • Ross Shugar, UK Independence Party
  • Steve Weisinger, Conservatives (incumbent)


  • Tim French, Conservatives
  • Junab Ali, Labour (incumbent)
  • Nick Kearns, Independent
  • Imtiyaz Shaikh, Liberal Democrats
  • Brian Stone, UKIP

Chisledon & Lawn (Mike Bawden steps down)

  • Irene Cooke, Labour
  • Raymond James, Liberal Democrats
  • Jenny Jefferies, UKIP
  • Eric Shaw, Conservatives
  • Paul Sunners, Green Party

Covingham & Dorcan

  • Brian Osbourn, UKIP
  • Kevin Parry, Conservatives
  • Julian Price, Labour (incumbent)
  • Chantelle Smith, Green Party


  • David Bell, Conservatives
  • Emma Bushell, Labour
  • Terry Davis, UKIP
  • Bull Hughes, Green Party
  • Dave Wood, Liberal Democrat (incumbent)

Gorse Hill & Pinehurst (Rochelle Russell steps down)

  • Ed Gillams, Conservative
  • Ian Robertson, UKIP
  • Carol Shelley, Labour
  • Steve Thompson, Green Party

Haydon Wick

  • Maura Clarke, Labour
  • Ed Gerrard, UKIP
  • Garry Perkins, Conservatives
  • Garry Porter, Liberal Democrats

Liden, Eldene & Park South

  • Graham Cherry, Conservatives
  • David Miles, Green Party
  • Derique Montaut, Labour (incumbent)
  • Hannah Pajak McCance, Liberal Democrat
  • Bob Sheppard, UKIP

Lydiard & Freshbrook (Michael Dickinson steps down)

  • John Lenton, UKIP
  • Jamal Miah, Labour
  • Livio Pavone, Green Party
  • Christopher Shepherd, Liberal Democrat
  • Tim Swinyard, Conservatives

Mannington & Western

  • Geoffrey King, Liberal Democrat
  • James Robbins, Labour (incumbent)
  • Caryl Ann Sydney-Smith, Conservatives
  • Lincoln Williams, UKIP

Old Town 

  • Claire Ellis, Sonservatives
  • Deborah King, Liberal Democrat
  • John Short, UKIP
  • Nadine Watts, Labour (incumbent)

Penhill & Upper Stratton

  • Bob Herbitage, Green Party
  • Harriet Maltby, Conservatives
  • David Rowland, UKIP
  • Joseph Tray, Labour (incumbent)

Priory Vale

  • Michelle Agostino, Labour
  • Emma Faramarzi, Conservatives (incumbent)
  • Margaret Hooper, Liberal Democrat
  • Balbir Singh, UKIP

Rodbourne Cheney

  • Simon Fairbourn, Green Party
  • Di Rodgers, Conservatives
  • Peter Thompson-Watt, UKIP
  • Peter Watts, Labour  (incumbent)


  • Steph Excell, Labour
  • James Farr, Liberal Democrat
  • Ken Kimber, Green Party
  • Mary Martin, Conservatives
  • Richard Symonds, independent
  • Chris Tyler, UKIP

St Andrews (two seats)

  • Gary Belben, UKIP
  • Mary Friend, Conservatives (incumbent)
  • Tony Garrett, UKIP
  • John Keepin, Labour
  • Gemma McCracken, Conservatives
  • Jason Mills, Labour
  • Margaret Mistry, Liberal Democrats

St Margaret & South Marston

  • James Faulkner, UKIP
  • Colin Lovell, Conservatives (incumbent)
  • Clive Puckey, Liberal Democrat
  • Christopher Watts, Labour

Walcot & Park North

  • Abdul Amin, Labour (incumbent)
  • Pavlos Chatzinopoulos, Social Democratic Party
  • Kathleen McCarthy, Liberal Democrat
  • Jennifer Miles, Green Party
  • Emily Pryor, Conservatives
  • Melanie Stanbury, UKIP

Wroughton & Wichelstowe

  • Georgina Akers, Liberal Democrat
  • Wayne Crabbe, Conservatives (incumbent)
  • Paul Dixon, Labour
  • Talis Kimberly, Green Party
  • John Francis, independent
  • Susan Short, UKIP