DEALING with litter and supporting the allotments should be the first priorities of any candidate in the Covingham and Dorcan ward.

But councillors should also be approachable and hands on in the area if they are going to represent their ward well.

Geraldine Brant, a member of the Nythe Allotment Society, said: “There is quite a lot of litter around the area and it’s always a good idea to ask for that to be cleared up.

“It would also be good to get some more support for the allotments.

“Any councillor needs to listen to the public and they shouldn’t make election promises that they then don’t keep once they are elected.

“They also need to be approachable and be visible day to day to people.

“I want a councillor who is going to work on local issues rather than get caught up fighting with their political rivals or worrying about the national campaign. I’m not interested in that.”

Voters surprised councillors in the 2012 election when the Tory stronghold lost a seat to the Labour Party.

All candidates won their seats with more than 1,300 votes.

There has always been an average turnout in the area with around 43 per cent of those eligible taking part.

Brian OSBOURN (UK Independence Party)
Kevin PARRY (Conservative)
Julian Charles PRICE (Labour)
Chantelle SMITH (Green Party)
2012 election turnout: 37 per cent (8,834)