EXCAVATION work at Ridgeway Farm, which has unearthed an Iron Age settlement, will be completed in three weeks when the developers of the site will be inviting the public to inspect the finds.

On Saturday, June 21, developers Taylor Wimpey will be holding an open day where residents will be able to meet the team at the dig site and learn about their discoveries.

Since work began a number of features have been found to indicate a small Iron Age settlement, which lasted well into the Roman period.

The investigation work has uncovered several roundhouses, pottery which would have been used for storing food, loom weights for weaving, quern stones for grinding corn and various personal items.

The work has been carried out by Wessex Archaeology. The original dig started on land allocated for the second phase of homes at Ridgeway Farm, and has now been extended by 0.5 hectares to the north and north west.

Andrew Manning, senior project manager at Wessex Archaeology, said: “We have discovered a number of features which are of local significance. This means that our discoveries are not going to change our understanding of the archaeology of the region, but they are of interest.

“Our excavation work will be complete within two to three weeks, after which we will carry out detailed analysis of the finds.”

John Louth, major projects director for Taylor Wimpey, said the developer recognises the importance of the finds and will be donating them to Swindon Museum.

“We are looking forward to welcoming the local community to Ridgeway Farm to see the archaeological features we have discovered and to find out more about the work we have been doing and what happens next,” he said.

“We appreciate that these finds are of interest to the local community and, once our specialist contractors have completed their detailed analysis, items will be displayed in a local museum.

“As a responsible developer, we are committed to the communities in which we build, which is why we have chosen to extend the area of our archaeological investigation to ensure that any features of interest can be investigated thoroughly before we begin building work.”

The open day will take place on Saturday, June 21, from 10am to 2pm at Ridgeway Farm, Common Platt, Swindon SN5 4JT.

Email any queries about the open day or the work at Ridgeway Farm to ridgewayfarm@webbpr.net