BEAUTY queens were in their element on Saturday when they spent the day modelling vintage clothing to raise money for the Swindon Therapy Centre for MS.

Seventeen-year-old Miss Wiltshire Nicole Cox and 21-year-old Miss Sussex Ayo Sokale, along with six volunteer models, spent the day approaching people around the town as part of fundraising efforts for the charity.

They also did the work in style, modelling vintage outfits from Marion Miché’s shop, Miché Niche in the Brunel Centre.

Marion said: “I have always been involved with charities and I do a lot of work with under-privileged women in Nepal.

“It was just a good opportunity to raise money for something which will help people in Swindon too and they really do such amazing good work.”

They estimated that they had raised more than £150 for the charity.

Ayo said: “I think it’s about that, we sold quite a few raffle tickets so I know it was quite a lot so I’m really pleased.”

The group spent the day walking around the town centre and modeling the clothes, as well as telling people about the services offered at the Swindon Therapy Centre for MS.

Ayo said: “We met a couple of people who have MS who didn’t know about the therapy centre, so it was a good opportunity to tell them all about it and how it could help them and maybe they will take that up.

“They don’t just deal with MS either – they deal with other neurological diseases as well.

“It was also an opportunity to try out the outfits in Miché Niche and tell people a little bit more about us and what we do and what we’re all about.

“People were coming in and out of the shop all morning trying on the clothes and the outfits.

“Vintage is great because it means you can make your own style and you can feel individual and different, which is something that really appeals to young people.

“Today was also about meeting people in the community and bringing everyone together to support each other.

As part of the fundraising there was a raffle, with prizes donated from other retailers in the Brunel Centre.

Ayo said: “Everyone has just been so amazing and so generous and donated all these prizes. We just want to say a really big thank you to them for all their support.”

To find out more about the Swindon Therapy Centre for MS, visit