YOUNGSTERS at Swindon Dance have been rehearsing for a special performance in the library as part of national dance fest Big Dance.

Two groups of dancers training at Swindon Dance, including from the Steps2 group, aged nine to 11, and a creative dance group aged between six and 10, will take part in The Giant’s Story.

The initiative will see groups throughout the south west take dance into their local libraries to demonstrate a different way of storytelling.

It will also kickstart the town’s Summer Reading Challenge.

As part of the challenge, the event needs to engage 200 youngsters aged four to 11 who will take part in a dance workshop, or arts and crafts session revolving around the theme of legends.

At Swindon Dance, the performance will revolve around the legend of Stonehenge and will take the audience from the heart of the library out to the courtyard to represent the journey Merlin took.

Zoe Humphries, a dance artist at Swindon Dance who is leading the performance, said: “For a dance artist it’s been really exciting to be involved in something where you can take dance into a different place.

“All the children have been so engaged, it’s been a really good experience.

“They had to do a bit of research themselves and it’s been a really good learning curve for them.”

Emilia Midwinter, 10, from Rodbourne, is one of the youngsters taking part who is looking forward to the big day on July 12.

She said: “All of my family are really into books and reading and libraries so I am really looking forward to being able to take dance there and peform there.”

Dino Fisher-Stephens, 11, from Gorse Hill, said it was good to be able to enhance their experience of creative dance.

He said: “It isn’t completely different from what we are used to but it’s been an opportunity to be creative with our dance.

“It’s exciting for us to be able to explore more creative dance and also to perform in a new space.”

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