TUNING amateurs turned a 16-year-old’s dream of making a memorable entrance to his prom into reality, escorting him in a 13-car convoy after his limousine rental was cancelled at the last minute.

Alex Godfrey’s plan to pull up outside the Steam museum in a sharp black limo like many of his friends fell through when the firm let him down the day before the biggest night of his life.

His mother, Nicky Osland, a member of car modifying group Swindon Street Cruise, immediately called on her fellow tuning aficionados to volunteer a car worthy of the occasion to take him to the venue.

But to her and her son’s astonishment not one car but a fleet of 13 vehicles met him at his front door, ready to escort him to prom last Thursday, courtesy of members and group administrator Jamie Wyatt.

“On Wednesday, Nicky approached us because their limo hire company had let them down at the last minute and left them in the lurch, asking if we could sort something out because he is a big fan of tuned cars,” said the 26-year-old retail assistant from Toothill.

“So as a community-based club we rallied round and organised a convoy of our members modified cars to help out the young lad in his hour of need.

“We arrived at his home in Ashwell Close to pick him up, where he had the biggest smile on his face seeing all of the cars pulling up, and we convoyed together to drop him off at the Steam Railway Museum where his prom was being held.

“He was in a Mazda at the front and we followed. He made quite an impression.

“The remarks from his teachers there were fantastic; one said he had never seen anything so spectacular.

“It was great to make someone’s prom so special. I would have loved for the same thing at my prom when I left school.”

He added: “I don’t think his mum expected us to do something like this. I think she expected maybe one car to come and take him to prom. But we all came.”

Alex, who attends Ridgeway School, was speechless as the cars parked one after the other outside his home.

“I was so surprised that so many people agreed to help,” he said. “When I arrived at Steam, everybody said they had never seen anything like it.

“It was unique. I felt special. The shock of having something that good instead was the best part.

“It was a good night.”

Nicky added: “I cannot believe that these guys did this for my son in such a short space of time.

“We are overwhelmed with gratitude to Swindon Street Cruise.”