SWINDON beatboxer Dan Lowes has dreams of world domination after winning the national junior championship.

New College pupil Dan, 17, known as D-Low when performing, came out on top in the under 18s section of the UK Beatbox Championships.

Dan took on other aspiring stars at Jamm nightclub in London on Saturday, and received £100 and a specialised beatbox microphone as part of his prize.

Beatboxing sees competitors producing drum beats and rhythm from their mouths.

Dan said he first took an interest in beatboxing six years ago.

“I’ve only been doing it properly for about two-and-a-half-years so I’m really pleased to have won the title, it feels great,” he said.

“I picked it up as a hobby to start with and it has gone on from there. A performer called Beardyman inspired me and when I first started it was hard as there wasn’t the same community as there is now.

“In Swindon there’s quite a few talented beatboxers which is really good as it means we can all practise together.”

Dan posts videos of himself performing on his YouTube and Instagram accounts which has seen him gain a large following of supporters.

He practises beatboxing six hours a day and is very keen to keep improving.

Next year, Dan hopes to take part in the main section of the UK competition but he also has loftier ambitions.

He said: “Next year, I really want to return and win the national event but my long-term ambition is a little crazy as I want to go out and win the World Championship.

“Next year, it’s taking place in Germany and I really want to get over there and compete.

“In the future, I really want to make this my job and make a living through beatboxing. I really want to keep performing and entertaining people and right now I’m just focused on improving my skills.”