THE company behind the two-month long fire at Averies are in trouble again for endangering the public at a different site.

It has emerged the Environment Agency has issued an enforcement notice against Swindon Skips, located on Brindley Close in Cheney Manor and also owned by Lee Averies, amid fears another major fire could start.

It comes after firefighters spent eight weeks battling a blaze at Averies at Greenbridge which saw smoke affect hundreds of homes and cost the public purse thousands of pounds.

In July, inspectors found combustible waste piled high and a lack of safety procedures in place if a fire was to break out.

Concerns were raised over the dangers to the public if there was such an incident as it would be likely to last many weeks, and being so close to railway lines, power cables and homes, the impact would be huge.

There were also issues about the lack of security at the site to prevent intruders potentially starting a fire.

The EA has therefore suspended the licence of Swindon Skips, meaning no more waste can be accepted, and gave the company until the end of August to remedy the numerous problems.

However, the owners have appealed the decision meaning that the EA are unable to take action until the outcome is known, even though they have failed to meet some of the conditions.

Among the conditions was a requirement to reduce all piles of waste to below five metres, but by yesterday this had not been done.

The Planning Inspectorate, which will handle the appeal, will hear evidence by the middle of November before making a decision, but Swindon Skips may already be in breach by failing to meet the conditions.

The EA has said they are keeping a close eye on the site and will prosecute if necessary.

A spokeswoman said: “The Environment Agency issued Swindon Skips Limited with a suspension notice on July 18.

“This notice has been appealed to the Planning Inspectorate. We are continuing to urgently investigate breaches of the law relating to the waste operations on the site. ”

Last November a major fire broke out at the site which took firefighters several days to put out but there are warnings any new fire would last much longer, with a far greater effect on Swindon residents.

Ward councillor Des Moffatt (Lab, Rodbourne Cheney) said: “This is a disaster waiting to happen.

“The site is close to the railway and power but also the Waterside Recycling Centre. If there was a fire, that might have to shut which would greatly impact waste processing across the town.”

Swindon Skips have said the problem is down to a recent change in legislation and they are seeking to deal with the problem.

A spokesman said: “The Environment Agency recently issued new guidance referring to fire risks at sites storing combustible waste, which affects most waste transfer stations in England.

“We are currently implementing new storage procedures on the site, taking agency guidance into account. The site is currently storing less than one tenth of the permitted waste volume authorised by the Environment Agency.”