YOUNG footballers from a Swindon club took a break from the field to fundraise for a good cause over the weekend.

Members of The Robins’ youth football teams, who play their matches at Lawn Primary School, were at Tesco, in Ocotal Way, collecting in aid of the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Movement (CALM).

Antony Rutzler, coach of the under-7s side, said the players had shown the same determination they use on the field in the fundraising efforts.

“It was brilliant, absolutely fantastic,” he said. “The charity said they would usually raise something like £400 at an event like that, but when we counted it up, we had raised £722. That might well end up, with other donations, at just over £1,000, which is great.”

He said siblings of players had also helped out, with shoppers happy to give to the cause.

“It felt busy on the day and people were very happy to donate.”

The effort was part of a bid to give the young footballers a broader outlook, Antony said.

“As well as football skills, we want to teach them about other walks and skills of life, like teamwork, leadership and community,” he added. “We want the boys to grow up knowing there is more to life than football and to help where they can.”