A DEMONSTRATION calling for more support for those struggling to make ends meet took place in the town centre today, after the Chancellor delivered his Autumn Statement.

Yesterday lunchtime, George Osborne made his announcement in the House of Commons, which included a cut to stamp duty and a promise of a £2bn investment in health services, amongst other measures.

The statement gives an update on the country’s economic climate, with the Chancellor announcing that Britain’s borrowing would fall by £6bn over the next year.

This reduction has come following years of Government cuts, reductions which groups, including Swindon People’s Assembly, feel have gone too far.

And the organisation's members, part of a national pressure group, met in Canal Walk to air their frustrations.

“George Osborne’s loyalty to austerity has been criticised yet again this week in light of figures which reveal that wages may no longer cover the cost of living,” said Kate Linnegar, secretary of the Swindon People’s Assembly.

“Figures from The Office of National Statistics have shown that real earnings have decreased by 1.6 per cent over the past year.The drift between living costs and income is only set to widen further.

“The gap can be seen in the million and more people seeking help from foodbanks in the UK.

“Poverty and personal economic struggle is no longer just symptomatic of unemployment under the rule of austerity.

“With only one in 40 new jobs being permanent and businesses legally able to rely on zero-hour contracts for their workers, there remains very little job security for those currently in low-wage employment.

“How can George Osborne and Prime Minister David Cameron say that they are paying down the debt and that austerity is working? Austerity has failed.”

During the demonstration, there were street theatre performances and the group handed out leaflets explaining what they represent and stand for.