OBJECTIONS have been lodged by the Environment Agency and Wiltshire Highways to the second phase of construction at the 750 home development at Ridgeway Farm.

After outline planning applications were lodged for the second phase of homes, major concerns were raised with the developer regarding the risk of flooding, the width of the central spine road, and parking allocation adjacent to the school.

Wiltshire Highways have stated very little of their advice had been taken into account in the design plans.

Ellie Challans, sustainable places planning advisor with the Environment Agency, said: “We must raise objection as there is too much uncertainty as to whether flood risk can be safely managed.”

Paul Galpin, sustainable transport officer at Wiltshire Council, said: “I do not consider that highway pre-application advice has largely been taken into account. Junctions widths on the spine road are sub-standard.

“Considering the likely number of traffic movements, pedestrian movements, parking associated with the school, the carriageway width and footway provision is not sufficent.”

Kevin Fisher, chairman of the Shaw Residents Association, said the objections reflected concerns the group had been raising. “The travesty of this is they have allowed the design to take place with the narrow spine road going through the centre of the estate and now they are having to cope with the consequences,” he said.

“What we were looking for in the first place was the spine road of a sensible width and no houses fronting it. There should also have been a ring road but that was never going to happen.

“It would seem Taylor Wimpey not only rejects our views but pours scorn on them by issuing plans that seem at best cynical. While we accept that design work for such developments is complex and some mistakes or oversights are likely, the nature of many issues highlighted appears to indicate one of two things - either this developer does not have the skill sets necessary for such large scale developments or they have an arrogant and flagrant disregard for the quality of life of its own clients and surrounding communities.”

A spokesman for Taylor Wimpey said: “Our planning application for Phase Two of Ridgeway Farm is currently being considered by Wiltshire Council, which has sought comments on the proposals from a number of statutory consultees including the Environment Agency and the Highways Agency.

“We have the opportunity to amend our plans to address any concerns raised by these consultees, and we are now considering the comments.

“Any changes to our scheme will be submitted to Wiltshire Council as part of the application process.”