THE founders of children’s charity Hop Skip and Jump have been honoured by Prime Minister David Cameron’s wife Samantha.

The Rev Celia Carter and Clarissa Mitchell were named by Samantha, in a column of Glamour magazine, as among the country’s most inspirational women. Hop Skip and Jump provides support to young people with disabilities.

They have several branches across the country with one being in Upper Shaw Ridge, in Swindon.

Samantha said: “Clarissa and Celia are two of the most dynamic women you could ever meet. Their charity is transforming the lives of families with disabled children. Their kindness and commitment to helping so many families is amazing.”

The charity was launched in 1982.

Clarissa said: “It's an honour to be named by Samantha as one of the women she most admires in the country.

"Samantha has been most generous in her support of Hop Skip and Jump and I really hope this is a big kick start for our Care in the High Street campaign.”

The foundation’s new project will see shops supporting their work popping up throughout the country.

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