WITH the weeks until it moves into its new buildings flying by, Hreod Parkway has announced its new name.

From Easter the school will be known as Nova Hreod, a specialist college in science, mathematics and computing.

The school began a consultation on the name two years ago, while the new buildings were still in the planning phases.

The overall feeling was that the name Hreod, which means reed and dates back to the Domesday Book, should be kept within the title.

Hreod Burna, the valley in which the school sits, means reedy brook and it's thought to be the origin of the word Rodbourne.

The school was originally called Hreod Burna before it amalgamated with Moredon Secondary school to become Hreod Parkway in 1983.

The new name was chosen by governors from a shortlist. The word Nova represents the new phase of the school's development and also means "a sudden burst of energy and brightness" on the surface of a white dwarf star - a link with the school's science specialism.

Former student Hannah Shore, who is a graduate in graphic design, has been working with pupils to create a new, 21st century logo for the school.

It follows the star-shaped theme, which is echoed in the new building's star-shaped five wings, the Da Vinci Dome, which covers the central atrium, and the Stellar Diner. The logo will be incorporated into a new uniform, which will be available from September.

Work on the £23m project started in January 2005 and is now nearing completion.

Students were asked to put forward their views on what they would like to see in the new building.

There will be a large sports centre and extensive IT studios.

The atrium, or Da Vinci Dome, which will act as a central meeting space, lets in 80 per cent sunlight and reaches 15 metres at its highest point.

But that will not be the only talking point at the new school. A doorway, decorated with coloured glass designed by the students, leads out onto a grass-terraced amphitheatre, which will hold drama performances in the summer months.

Hreod headteacher Andrew Fleet gave the Adver a tour last month.

He described the new building as a "historical landmark".

He said: "We have created a school which will become part of the Swindon skyline, and it shows just where the town is heading."