A FAMILY has received £122,500 in compensation from two building companies following their father’s death from asbestos exposure while building homes and factories in the Swindon area.

Frederick Dodson, formerly of Westwood Road, Swindon worked for Hawksley Construction of Hucclecote, Gloucestershire whose main contract was to build the Penhill housing estate in Swindon. Hundreds of homes were built using pre-constructed asbestos walls.

Later he went to work for Wilcon Construction, building the Plessey semiconductor factory in Swindon at Cheney Manor Industrial Estate, where again he was exposed to asbestos.

The family’s solicitor, Brigitte Chandler, a leading industrial disease lawyer and partner with Swindon law firm, Charles Lucas & Marshall, who has represented hundreds of people suffering from asbestos exposure over the last 30 years, said Mr Dodson developed mesothelioma, an asbestos related cancer in 2011.

Mr Dodson died in April 2013, aged 84.

“Unfortunately all types of asbestos was regularly used in the building industry in the 1950s and 1960s when Mr Dodson was working as a builder,” said Ms Chandler.

“People who worked with asbestos and who develop symptoms should seek urgent medical advice.”

When Mr Dodson worked for Hawksley Construction, now owned by Hawker Sidley Aviation of Farnborough, Hampshire, asbestos rope was put around chimneys.

Asbestos was released into the atmosphere when pre-existing asbestos walls were cut, says the legal firm, and Mr Dodson was given no masks or protective clothing.

“At the Plessey factory at Cheney Manor, the factory was heated with steam pipes lagged with asbestos,” said Ms Chandler.

“The roof and walls outside also had asbestos sheets. Roofing contractors would cut the sheets as Mr Dodson was working nearby. Again, he never received any masks, warnings or protective clothing.”

Swindon and South West Asbestos Group is a regional charity which provides support groups and a free advice service to people suffering from asbestos disease and their families.

For further details contact Swindon and South West Asbestos Group, call 01793 532995, email info@asbestosgroup.co.uk or visit www.asbestosgroup.co.uk