BRAVE transplant survivor Stacie Pridden has received the Wimbledon day out of her dreams thanks to a national television show.

The 24-year-old was handed tickets to the once-in-a-lifetime experience when ITV’s Good Morning Britain show turned up at her Pinehurst home to surprise her.

Writing on her Life is Worth the Fight blog, Stacie spoke of her shock as she prepared for what she thought was a Skype interview with the show.

“The next thing I know there’s a knock on my door and my dad’s like, ‘You have to answer that Stacie,’ and I just know exactly what it is, mortified is not the word,” she said.

“I would have dressed a million times better if I'd had known.

“If you know me you know it’s hard to make me speechless or incoherent generally in any way.”

The show was inspired to present her with the tickets after Stacie admitted in a previous interview with the show a day at Wimbledon was on her bucket list.

“It’s just something I love watching and have done since I was 12 and it just looks like such a amazing experience to go and be a part of and even though I’ve never been able to play any sports it’s one that I’ve always appreciated and enjoyed watching,” she said.

She will be treated to a day of top-level tennis at the prestigious tournament along with lunch with the Lawn Tennis Association on July 7.

Good Morning Britain has followed Stacie’s story and helped her publicise the need to sign up to the organ donor register.

It’s been game, set and match for the resilient youngster since she was given the all-clear to return to Swindon, after her life-changing heart and double lung transplant last month.

Stacie said she was glad to appear on television as because she wanted to give people on the transplant list hope that successful transplants do happen.

“Hopefully people will have been happy to see that a transplant does happen, it does work and even if you have to wait a very long time miracles do happen and sometimes just a bit of magic,” she said.

Stacie suffered from pulmonary hypertension – a condition where the right side of the heart is damaged making it less efficient at pumping blood around the body - and makes it very difficult to breathe. She previously relied on oxygen supply 24 hours a day.

After three years – and three false alarms - on the organ donor waiting list, Stacie finally got the call she had been waiting for and underwent the life-changing double transplant at specialist heart-lung centre Papworth hospital in Cambridgeshire.

The operation will enable Stacie to look forward to the year ahead, including attending twin sister Megan’s wedding, being an auntie to sister Candice’s baby daughter Skyler and moving forward with her plans to become a teacher.