SAILING, sports and pioneering were just a few of the raft of activities on offer to Swindon Scouts who attended a special event in Holland.

The Haarlem Jamborette held near Amsterdam every four years, attracts about 4,000 young Scouts from around the world.

And this year, 31 Scouts from Old Town were among them, savouring 10 days of activities and fun with their counterparts from across the globe.

Richard Bennett, from the 12th Swindon (Old Town) Scout Group, said the event was aimed at giving the young visitors an insight into different cultures and pursuits.

“Supported by nine volunteer leaders, a group of Swindon scouts had the opportunity to attend this year’s Haarlem Jamborette, which is held just outside Amsterdam every four years,” he said.

“In the 10-day adventure, the boys and girls – aged 10 to 17 – camped alongside 4,000 other young people not only from elsewhere in the UK, but also from Europe, America and Asia,” he added.

And he said a huge number of activities were on offer to the youngsters taking part.

“As well as getting to know other young people from all around the world, the scouts also got to take part in a wide range of adventurous and cultural activities,” Richard said.

“The week was action packed with activities including sports, arts and crafts, hiking, pioneering, a zip wire, sailing and parties.

“Everyone had a day out exploring Amsterdam, and many also got to explore other local towns and cities.”

The camp takes place every four years and this year was the 12th Haarlem Jamborette.

A spokesman for the event said it had been a success.

“What an awesome camp it was, 10 full days of activities, arts and crafts, hiking, sailing, trail and sports,” he said.

“Having fun with other scouts, swapping kneckers and badges and earning coins for the avatars.

The weather gave us the opportunity to wear our raincoats but also our slippers, shorts and sun hats,”

he added.

“It has stormed but the sun also has given us all a nice tan.

“The parties were fun and the campfire songs will be stuck in our heads for the coming weeks.

“We will need a couple of good nights of sleep to recover, but after that we will be happy to welcome you at 13th Haarlem Jamborette in 2019.”

And Richard added: “Creating opportunities for young people to develop social skills, independence and form friendships is central to scouting philosophy and has longterm positive impacts on young peoples’ lives.”

Meanwhile, he said that the Old Town group was on the lookout for volunteers to help lead the group.

If anyone is interested in taking on a role – or if any youngsters are interested in joining – should log on to, or visit for more information.