A TRAVELLING show telling the tale of Wiltshire’s white horses will clip-clop its way into town next month for an enchanting performance.

Presented by Theatre Des Bicyclettes The Nine White Horses will see four professional entertainers use poetry, dance, drama and live music to tell the story of the county’s iconic landmarks.

The travelling performance is the result of founder and writer Robert Stredder journeying and walking the Wiltshire Downs, to find the horses in Devizes, Pewsey, Cherhill, Hackpen Hill, Alton Barnes, Marlborough, Broad Town, Westbury and Uffington.

Robert said: “Finally I met all of the horses, some of which were difficult to find, often in appalling weather. With my notebook in hand in the best romantic tradition I thought, I have got to do a show or theatrical production about these amazing features of history and art.

“So we commissioned three hobby horses carved from natural Berkshire forest wood with delicately painted heads and we galloped off over Salisbury Plain.

"Along with other artists and musicians who helped create the project based around the poems we compiled and completed our dream for this production, but it is still changing dependent on each audience."

“This show is for all – historians, walkers and for those who are interested in the White Horse Trail. It is also for the children of all ages, who get drawn into the drama of the piece and become the actual horses and ponies at the end of the tale. It is a story of the elements on several levels to celebrate our heritage.”

The performance will be held at Lower Shaw Farm in West Swindon on Sunday, October 4, from 1.30pm. Entry is £3. For more details call 01793 725206.