A TEENAGER is facing time in isolation at school to allow his “extreme” hair cut to grow out.

Year 11 Churchfields Academy pupil Luke Bolton says he will not be allowed to take part in lessons or socialise with his classmates until next week after arriving at school on Monday with a new hair cut.

He said staff at the school had taken exception to his new style, which is longer on the top and slicked back, but much shorter on the sides. He revealed he was now facing what the school calls an “internal” where he carries out his class work away from the rest of his class under the supervision of his head of year.

He said: “There are other people in my year who have the same hair cut, but shorter. There’s no colour, no nothing.

"On Sunday I played football and they said it should be fine, I shouldn’t have any problems. But I got to school on Monday and they were absolutely shocked about it.

“I have got an internal which means I have to stay with my head of year until Monday. I get a quick lunchbreak and not allowed to socialise with friends. It is frustrating, because I thought it would be okay because there are other people with that have the same hair style.

“I was sent home yesterday and sent home again today, my dad has spoken to the school and they are not changing their mind.”

Mum Maria Bolton said she couldn’t understand what the issue was with the new hair cut, which her son had had done on Saturday.

She said: “It is pathetic from my point of view. It would be different if he had a skinhead or a pony tail or different colours in his hair, but this is just a trend and it’s not that short.”

Luke’s dad, Mark, said: “The hair cut is a trend, it is cut short on the sides and longer on top – it’s what most kids have these days, it is just a standard hair cut.

“I can’t believe that they have taken it this far, and have told them they are not putting him in an internal. They said it was an excessive hair cut, but this is a style that is about nowadays.

“I sent him to school today and told him you need to find out what is going on, but you need to go to your lessons, you are there to learn.”

A spokesman for the school said: “Churchfields Academy has high expectations in relation to uniform in line with other secondary schools. The academy does not like to comment on individual cases, however, can confirm that no student was sent home either Monday or Tuesday for extreme hairstyles.”