A LIFELONG Swindon Town fan has turned his back on the club in a grand gesture by giving back his season ticket and all his memorabilia.

Albert Brind says he is bitterly disappointed at the club’s current lacklustre performance.

The football fan, who lives in the town centre, said he decided to throw in the towel – along with his STFC souvenirs – after becoming increasingly dismayed at the club’s escalating ticket prices and lack of unity.

After months of disappointment, the 55-year-old said the Robins' ninth consecutive defeat of the season when they played Oldham on Tuesday night was the final tipping point.

“I’d had enough. What with escalating ticket prices and the lack of respect for the fans, I just don’t see how I can support them any longer. They’re not getting any more money out of me,” he said.

“I was so angry after spending over £300 on a season ticket, I was furious and I thought, I don’t need this anymore. I took my season ticket and went to reception and tossed it behind the counter. I’m not sure the security guards knew what to think.”

Albert then went home and stripped his souvenir room, including posters, match programmes, football shirts and trophies accumulated over three decades of fandom.

“I just didn’t want to see any of it anymore, I’d had enough so I put it all in my Swindon Town bag and went back and chucked that in as well, it felt like a weight off my mind when it happened but it’s also sad because they were a big part of my life."

Albert was known at the County Ground for his personalised STFCForeverRedAlbie shirts, which he updated every season.

The Burger King employee said there was no longer any team spirit within the club.

“They’re not even playing like they’re enjoying it, they’ve got no guts or determination anymore and I don’t see how they can come back from this,” he said.

“My friends can’t believe it because they know how much the club meant to me.

"But enough is enough, it’s very upsetting to me but they don’t respect or treat the fans properly. If they don’t start doing that others will leave too."

Albert admits that he hankers for the glory days of the club under Italian football supremo Paolo Di Canio.

“That was a great time for the club and a definite highlight for the club. We just had so much energy and everyone seemed proud to be there,” Albert said.

Albert stands by his decision to leave the club behind. He said: “That is it now, there’s no going back, it is sad because it was a big part of my social life but I will not go back. Maybe I will get into ice hockey instead.”

Although the club reached the stellar heights of the play-off final at Wembley they sunk to a 4-0 defeat against Preston North End. Last week manager Mark Cooper and the club parted ways after a disappointing start to the season.

Swindon Town Football Club did not return calls for comment.