PLANS for a multi-million pound redevelopment of the Greenbridge Roundabout went on show to the public today.

Last month Swindon Borough Council announced it would be carrying out the major project, starting in March, in an attempt to avoid major congestion as Swindon expands.

More than 8,000 homes are set to be built in East Swindon over the next decade so the plan is get the necessary infrastructure in place before they are built.

The £4m improvement works will take an estimated eight months to complete.

It will see an increase in lanes around the roundabout, entry and exit routes widened, and traffic signals installed on all approaches.

There will also be additional pedestrian and cycle crossings and a new exit from the Greenbridge retail park to reduce the need for all exiting cars to use the roundabout.

Dozens of local residents attended the public engagement event at the Coleview Community Centre to find out what was happening.

While most people accepted there was a need to do work, some were concerned about whether it would solve the problem of congestion in the area.

Terry Cooper, of Weedon Road, said: “The works are necessary. The traffic is chaos around here during rush hours.

“My worry is that there is too much focus on the wrong places, such as Drakes Way. Oxford Road is the real problem. In the morning and evening it is at a standstill.”

Also in attendance were David and Amy Fidgett, who accepted the work was needed, even if it would lead to some disruption.

“We know there is going to be some disruption but it is worth it to get the work done before the houses in the Eastern Villages are built,” said Amy.

Husband David said: “My worry is the new exit from Greenbridge only caters for those going on to Swindon Road. I would like to have seen one for Drakes Way as well.”

A team of officers was on hand to answer questions.

“There are obviously going to be some delays but we are holding this event to make people aware so we can minimise the disruption,” said Sam Howell, the Eastern Villages group leader.

“The work is necessary as a result of the amount of growth planned for Swindon.

“I understand there will be concerns but a lot of work has gone into these plans and we believe they are the best. We will listen though to what people here have to say.”

A second presentation will be at the Hooper’s Field Sports Complex, in Wanborough, on Friday between 2pm and 7pm.