TWO sisters murdered a grandmother on her daughter's doorstep after a row in a local shop, a court heard today.

Charice Gassmann, 19, was accused of being a 'bully out for revenge' who enlisted her older sister Amberstasia, 23, in the deadly attack.

It ended with mother-of-eight Alison Connolly, 49, dying after a single stab wound to the right side of her chest from a steak knife allegedly wielded by Charice.

A jury heard how the fatal stabbing came after Alison's daughter, Kylie Hayes, discovered her bike covered in "brown sauce" outside her flat.

Hours later Charice was allegedly heard "goading and trying to start a fight" with Alison in a local shop.

Alison responded by headbutting Charice - which left her bleeding from the head - and then walked to her daughter's home in a nearby block of flats.

Charice and Amberstasia are said to have stormed to the property in Swindon and banged on the door threatening to "f***ing kill her".

During the ensuing fracas Alison suffered a fatal knife wound to her chest and witnesses reported seeing a blood-stained knife in Charice's hand.

The sisters, of Park South, Swindon both deny murder but Charice admits manslaughter while Amberstasia denies any physical violence towards Alison.

Alastair Malcolm, prosecuting, described how the events of May 12 this year spiralled after Charice was headbutted in the Premier store in Cavendish Square, Swindon.

He told Bristol Crown Court: "Charice Gassmann was being aggressive in the Premier store. She started it but came out worse.

"She was acting like a bully but like a number of bullies, when they come off worse that spurs them on. What she did after was revenge.

"She armed herself with a knife, but also she went there to have the help of her sister.

"They went back together so that they could carry out revenge on Alison Connolly for having the audacity to hit Charice in the Premier store."

After Charice left the convenience store she walked back to Amberstasia's flat, followed by a schoolgirl who was concerned for her wellbeing.

When she reached her front door, the girl heard Charice tell her sister: "Get my machete."

Witnesses then saw Charice and Amberstasia, along with another 19-year-old woman, march to the door of Alison's daughter's flat in Evelyn House, a complex of flats.

Witnesses heard one of them say: "I'm going to smash her ******* head in", the court jury was told.

Another witness heard one sister say: "They have picked the wrong person," while another heard Charice shout: "How dare she does this to me? I'm going to f***ing kill her".

The trio then "started to hit the door", it is claimed and Alison's daughter Kylie saw that Charice and Amberstasia were outside.

Mr Malcolm told the court: "Her daughter heard Charice and Amberstasia say, 'get the f**k down here'.

"She told her mother not to go down and stay inside, however she went downstairs hoping things would be sorted out.

"Kylie followed her mother down. When she got outside, she was confronted by Amberstasia who said, 'I'm going to batter you, don't you dare touch my sister.'

"Shortly after that, Kylie heard her mother say, 'she stabbed me'. She didn't realise anybody had a knife.

"She then saw her mother had blood on her and saw a knife in Charice's hand. It all happened in a flash."

A witness later heard Amberstasia say: "That's what happens if you f**k with my family".

Paramedics battled to save Alison, of Penhill Drive, Swindon, who suffered a single stab wound to the right side of her chest but she later died in hospital.

Relatives wept openly and had to leave the public gallery as the court was shown CCTV footage of the confrontation around 3.45pm on May 12 this year.

Sitting side-by-side and dressed in black, the accused Gassmann sisters remained silent as they heard the case against them.

In a statement given to police after her arrest, older sister Amberstasia said her sister "came banging on her door" and was "covered in blood".

She said: "I couldn't work out what she was saying. When I came downstairs she wasn't there.

"I just wanted to clean my sister up. I didn't stab anyone. I wasn't looking for a fight."

She added that she had "no idea" what Charice intended to do.

But Mr Malcolm said: "It is clear that at the time that Charice plunged that knife in she intended to kill or at least do very serious bodily harm.

"If you add to it what she was saying, it is beyond doubt that that is exactly what she wanted to do."

Speaking of Amberstasia's involvement, he said: "She knew perfectly well what was going on because her sister said a number of times she was going to kill and she was armed with a knife.

"She joined in and is guilty of murder as her sister."

The trial continues.