NO change has been made to the controversial sentence imposed on Jade Hatt in October for having sex with an 11-year-old boy she was babysitting.

Jade Hatt, 21, of Rolleston Street, walked free from Swindon Crown Court in October despite admitting having sex with the boy she was looking after with her victim's mum slamming the six-month suspended sentence she was given.

The boy's dad said his son saw the experience as a 'notch on his belt' and was 'sex mad' and 'fully up for the experience', which was rejected by the boy's mother.

Judge Tim Mousley QC imposed a sexual harm prevention order banning her from having unsupervised contact with young boys for two years.

At a hearing in the Appeal Court in London today no change was made to that sentence.

Speaking immediately after the hearing, the boy’s tearful mother expressed her disgust at the decision.

She said: “I am so angry but also so upset. I’m gobsmacked as it feels as though she has got away with it.

“When I came here I was sure they would see just how serious this is and lock her away but I’ve lost all my faith in the justice system.

“They have not taken into account the impact this has had on my son. He is not eating properly, he can’t go to school and he can’t sleep properly.

“He was raped and if the sexes had been the other way around I have no doubt they would have issued a jail sentence.

“I am still shocked at the decision but I can’t take this any further now. I just have to be there for my son.

“I just want to thank everyone who has been supporting us.”

A petition calling for a change to the sentence was signed by more than 3,900 people.

Today, the case was back in court after the country's senior law officer, Attorney General Jeremy Wright QC, referred it to top judges as 'unduly lenient'.

Lawyers representing Mr Wright at the Court of Appeal in London said Hatt should have gone straight to jail.

They argued the crown court judge didn't take enough account of the victim's youth and wrongly considered him to be 'emotionally mature'.

But Lord Justice Treacy, sitting with Mrs Justice Simler and Judge John Wait, disagreed and upheld the suspended term.

He said: "This was a proper case for the Attorney General to bring.

"However after anxious review we have concluded that we should not alter the sentence imposed below."

The court heard Hatt had straddled the boy while she was looking after him and that they had had sex. She pleaded guilty to sexual activity with a child at Swindon Crown Court.

However, refusing to send Hatt to jail, Lord Justice Treacy said her low IQ and very poor reasoning skills amounted to 'substantial mitigation', as did her remorse and admission of guilt.

He also said that Judge Mousley was unable to impose a certain type of community sentence, as is it is not available for women.

Lord Justice Treacy said: "Had she been male, the court would have had the option of considering a community order with requirements.

"That is an alternative to custody where there is sufficient prospect of rehabilitation.

"In the absence of the ability to make such an order, the judge clearly concluded that he could achieve an acceptable equivalent for this offender, by passing the sentence he did."