HEARTBROKEN Swindon dog owner Jessica Worthington is overwhelmed by people’s support after raising more than £1,800 in less than a day to fund more research into Alabama rot.

The veterinary nurse watched in amazement yesterday, as within three hours of launching the online fundraiser £1,000 had been raised and today the £2,000 goal has already nearly been smashed, with over 100 donations.

“I am totally amazed how generous people have been, I am super overwhelmed,” said the 26-year-old.

Both of Jessica’s cocker spaniels Pippa and Molly developed lesions after she took them to West Woods in Marlborough earlier this month.

However, two-and-a-half-year-old Pippa's condition worsened and she started to show signs of kidney damage and specialist vets in Winchester Anderson Moores referred the pooch to the Royal Veterinary College.

Sadly, despite undergoing plasma exchange and dialysis treatment she could not be saved.

Her other dog Molly has since returned home and is still being monitored through blood tests, but Jessica does not want Pippa to just be a statistic.

“This disease has left a huge hole in my heart. I want to help fund research into this disease to make a difference to dogs that may be affected in the future,” she added.

“I am without my baby and Molly is without her sister. I do not want any other dog owners to feel this heartache.”

All the money raised is being donated to the Anderson Moores' research fund into Alabama rot (CRGV), who are experts researching the disease.

Jessica has also been in contact with the New Forest Dog Owners Group, who also fundraise to find more information about it.

Funds raised will pay for the development of new diagnostic tests, investigation of the causes of the disease and the development of more effective treatments to help dogs.

Jessica is also hoping to set up a dedicated Facebook page in memory of Pippa to raise awareness of the disease. Although Pippa showed all the signs of the disease it cannot officially be confirmed until a post-mortem is carried out and tests completed in January.

To donate go to: https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/jessica-worthington

Five dogs in total from Wiltshire have been suspected on getting Alabama rot. This week, Purton Vets were treating a Doberman, suspected to have the disease said she had avoided the kidney failure that often follows the sore on the skin.