ANGRY Swindon Town fans have hit out at the club for allowing Brunel FM to provide coverage of the games next season.

Many supporters will be unable to follow their team on the radio if they live beyond Wiltshire's geographical boundaries, because the station's coverage does not extend that far.

As it stands, the only way those fans can follow their team live is on the internet at STFC World - but they would need to pay a subscription fee of £34.

Brunel's coverage will not be as widespread as its predecessor BBC Radio Swindon, which had been covering matches for 18 years.

Paul Davis is chairman of TrustSTFC, which has 950 members.

He said: "We are very concerned about this. I think it is very short- sighted of the club to reduce access to supporters.

"It certainly won't help in attracting new fans to the club and is alienating existing ones.

"This is extremely unfortunate. It is not Brunel's fault, but the club have not thought about it hard enough."

Fans echoed his sentiments. They have been calling the club, the radio stations and posting messages on forum websites to voice their concerns.

Paul posted a message on the STFC forum saying: "I feel sorry for the hundreds or thousands of town fans who can't listen to their club now due to their location."

Tony Worgan, the managing editor of BBC Radio Swindon said: "Of course we're really disappointed that we weren't invited to bid for next season's commentary rights, but that doesn't mean we'll stop providing comprehensive coverage of all the action.

"Many fans have contacted us saying how disappointed they are that they won't be able to hear Shaun Hodgetts and Ed Hadwin commentating from the club's games, as they have done for many years.

"I feel particularly sorry for the club's loyal supporters outside the immediate Swindon area who'll be unable to pick up next season's commentary on their radios as a result of this decision."

However, Craig Rance the programme controller at Brunel FM said: "We have the summer to work out any concerns fans might have.

"I would like to assure them we are doing all we can.

"We are very approachable and are willing to speak with them.

"We want to say that there will be no adverts during the live commentary as some fans thought this may be the case.

"Brunel FM is serious about serving Swindon with quality radio.

"This is an exciting development for Brunel FM, our plans for match day coverage are at an advanced stage and listeners can look forward to some great programmes as we follow STFC in League One next season."

Martyn Starnes, STFC's acting chief executive, said: "We are very excited at the prospect of Brunel FM joining us as our exclusive media partner with immediate effect, in preparation for the new season and beyond.

"They are committed to working closely with us on commentaries, news stories and commercial activities, which are sure to enhance the profile of the club and the radio station."

The club have said BBC Radio Swindon will still get access to matches.

They will be able to give four 30-second updates each hour of the game in progress and still maintain its post-match reaction from the management team and players.

Brunel FM can be found on 107.7 and their website is

To listen to games live on the internet next season visit