FRIENDLY, gentle and affectionate are just a few words used by Jessie Bascombe to describe Ben, the golden retriever currently in the care of SNDogs.

Jessie is a volunteer at SNDogs, a registered charity based in Swindon that cares for and finds loving homes for dogs in need but the charity desperately needs donations to care for dogs like Ben.

" Ben was discovered by accident by a couple who set out to rescue another dog that was being used like Ben purely for breeding. Both dogs were sharing horrible, insanitary conditions," said Jessie.

Arriving at SNDogs dishevelled and filthy, Ben had a dip in one side of his face, weak back legs and his coat was badly matted.

A clean-up offered free by Swindon Hollywood Dog Grooming made him a little more comfortable but Ben's previous treatment had taken a toll on his health and left him with liver failure and a host of other problems.

Despite this, Jessie says he is a happy and affectionate dog who loves treats and gets very excited about walks.

"Sadly due to his age and health, Ben is almost impossible to rehome," said Jessie, who is now fostering the 10-year-old canine so that he can live out the last chapter of his life as comfortably as possible.

Jessie says the charity really needs funds and is appealing to the public to help dogs like Ben whose own veterinary treatment is costing around £70 a month.

"Lifelong treatment is necessary for Ben and dogs like him to live out the last few years of their lives without pain or discomfort," said Jessie.

With everyone feeling the pinch these days, she says SNDogs is finding donations are harder to come by, making it difficult to pay for Ben and other dogs in the charity's care who desperately need treatment.

To help raise funds, a dog walk has been organised by SNDogs on Sunday, January 30, at 10am starting in Lawns Park, Old Town at the Co-op end of the field.

The walk will end with a fundraising event within the park with cake and ale for sale and there will also be a chance to meet Ben.

SNDogs have many dogs who need adopting or fostering. Anyone interested in donating or adopting a dog should go to: or email or call 07940 268101.