NO pub in town can boast as many stunning, quirky, surprising and in some cases little-known or appreciated views of the streets of Swindon than The Beehive in Prospect Hill – courtesy of well-known local artist Tim Carroll.

An exhibition of Tim’s ambitious, unique and time-consuming work-in-progress, 100 Views of Swindon has now opened at the hostelry, enabling customers to contemplate the town from a variety of angles and viewpoints... while also downing a pint or two.

Tim, an Old Town based professional artist, has been consumed by the project for almost two years and is currently three-quarters of the way through with around 25 views still to paint.

Many of the streets and vistas he has completed, which largely focus on Old Town, the town centre and the older, more central housing areas, are on show at The Beehive after landlord Andy Marcer offered Tim a wall to display as many as he could cram in.

All the views are framed prints of the originals that customers can walk away with for £20 and which Tim will quickly replace.

The month-long exhibition, which opened on Sunday, is a taster for the 175 Swindon Art Trail in June and July where Tim will display, almost certainly for the one and only time, all his 100 Views of Swindon – providing he finishes them in time.

“I’ve got a lot of work to do before then,” said Tim, who has been a familiar figure perched on a camping chair, sketchbook in hand, on many a Swindon street since he began the project in April, 2014.

It all started with a vague notion of producing something completely different from his usual work, which often includes classically inspired themes or great leaps of imagination. He also quite fancied working outdoors.

Tim’s modus operandi is to make meticulously detailed drawings of street scenes in his sketchbook – which takes an average of three-and-a-half hours – before producing colourful acrylic or water colour versions back at his home studio.

He originally set himself a year to complete the project but it has taken much longer than anticipated.

Now he’s aiming for two years and two months – just in time for the 175 Swindon Art Trail which will feature several key local artists displaying images of the town at various venues to celebrate 175 years since the opening of the railway works and the beginning of modern Swindon.

Tim originally hoped to keep all of his Swindon views together until completing the project. However, he has to earn a crust and has caved in to demand and sold several.

When all 100 are exhibited together some will be prints, although he may be able to borrow some originals back from the owners.

As well as enjoying a game of spot the street, observers may be amused to find some well-known figures which Tim has inserted into his Swindon streets. 

In one painting former Liverpool star Steven Gerrard, in full World Cup England regalia, can be found emerging from The Plough in Croft Road. 

TV archaeologist Mary Beard is also pictured studying the nooks and crannies of Dowling Street instead of the nooks and crannies of ancient Rome.

Anyone wishing to view a good selection of Tim’s views can pop along to The Beehive where the exhibition is being staged until Sunday, March 6.

Street Painting Man, a full Adver feature of Tim’s project, can be found at: