A WOMAN made off from court on Friday fearing she was about to be put behind bars for assaulting her sister but over the weekend she found herself in even more trouble.

Aicha Nugent appeared before magistrates in Swindon on Friday charged with assaulting her sister on December 6. But before magistrates could pass sentence she left the courthouse.

Magistrates sentenced Nugent, 37, of St Ives Court, in absence to four weeks in prison for the offence and activated a suspended sentence of ten weeks that she had breached which was to be served consecutively.

This morning she was back before the court having handed herself into the police on Saturday and faced fresh charges of assaulting two police officers and being in possession of cannabis.

Flanked by two police officers and a court security officer she pleaded guilty to assaulting one of the officers and to being found in possession of cannabis but denied a second charge of assaulting a second officer.

Prosecuting, Keith Ballinger told the court that Nugent had handed herself in on Saturday after learning there was a warrant out for her arrest and she was placed in a cell.

"Officers went to check on her and they noticed she tried to hide something under a blanket. She said it was a tissue," he said.

Upon investigation it was discovered it was actually a cannabis cigarette which she had smuggled into custody in her bra. Believing she had concealed something else internally she was taken to hospital in custody.

"En route she appears to have got out of the handcuffs and when PC Moffat went to reapply them she is pushed," said Mr Ballinger.

"The defendant says she simply fell into them. She was escorted into A&E and other officers were called to assist because of the way she behaved."

Attempting to restrain her another officer was kicked in the shins twice by Nugent.

She refused treatment at the hospital as she didn't want strangers touching her and feared that, being eight weeks pregnant, she was at risk of losing her baby.

Later in interview she admitted she had smuggled the joint in to custody in her bra, but denied concealing anything else on her person.

Defending her in court today, Sambreen Arif said her client had started panicking on Friday as she had stopped taking medication for her panic attacks due to her pregnancy which prompted her to leave court.

"For that she wants to apologise and I hope you will give her some leniency when you hear she remained in contact and handed herself in," she said.

"Unfortunately she didn't make her life any easier when she was in custody, she rather foolishly took a small mount of cannabis in with her.

"Why that wasn't picked up by the officers I do not know. She smoked a small joint of cannabis in the police cell."

She added that Nugent had taken a real step back on her road to recovery as she was working well with the probation service.

Retiring to consider their verdict, chairman of the bench Geoff Earl said that Nugent had a "truly spectacular record of violence".

Deliberating the matter for more than 15 minutes they returned and advised Nugent of her sentence from Friday.

Mr Earl added: "For the offence of assault we have taken particular notice that this took place in a hospital, which is a particularly aggravating feature. The offence of the cannabis took place while effectively in prison, that again is aggravating."

She was sentenced to an additional four weeks in prison for assaulting the police officer, which will be served consecutively to her 14-week prison sentence.

She was sentenced to two weeks in custody for the cannabis offence which will be served concurrently. She was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £80 upon her release.